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The more you're willing to share, the better I can reciprocate in painting a picture that really tells about who you are...

...and that of course starts with telling you a little bit about me.

I am a purveyor of both coffee and whiskey.
I love movies. I'm that guy: the walking IMDB.

I'm pretty open-minded with music: over the course of a day in traffic we'll traverse Spotify from Ariana Grande to Journey to Metallica to Otis Redding and back again.

Occasional geocacher. Part-time redditor.
Full-time 49er Faithful.

Also, go Bulls!

I love my wife, Alvie. I love my daughter, Everest. 
I love every minute I get to spend with them. 
I keep them in mind when photographing others:

"Put in your shoes, what photos would I want the most?"

I shoot with both digital and film cameras -
each has a place and purpose.

I grew up in Hawaii, and the islander culture
reflects the way I treat others. 

With respect. With dignity. With Aloha.

This is I know for sure -
we can't afford to take ourselves too seriously.

I believe everyone has a story worth telling,
I believe in dreaming the big things,
I believe in cherishing the little things.

When we meet, expect a warm hello.

Expect a handshake.

Expect a hug.

And expect to smile. Expect to laugh.
Expect to relax and drink it all in.

Expect to be greeted like a long-lost relative,
treated like a good friend,
and guided by a photographer
who values the experience as much as
the memories he'll help create.