A Fleeting Summer

Summer. The time of year that brings the brightest of colors, the reddest of faces, and the warmest of weather. We rang in July 4th at Everest's school, took a road trip through Utah and into Idaho, met family, and made new, life-long friends. The month went by in a blur, but from it we gained memories of laughter, light, and love. 

What is it about this time of year that impresses on us some of our favorite stories? Is it simply because the warmer days allow us the greatest opportunity to gallivant to our heart's desire, or maybe the time off afforded by children who no longer have school to attend? Or is it the abundance of color and light that burns into our minds, like the prolonged exposure of a camera flash? Maybe it's a combination of all these qualities that makes the summertime our most favorite time of the year. Whatever the case, this has shaped up to be quite the experience - something we should always strive to create all year-round. And that just might be the lesson here: everyday is a new one, so make it the best you can no matter what awaits outside. 

This is a photo-heavy one. Enjoy. 


Heyyy June

We're really enjoying the heat here. The 95°+ heat can be pretty spicy at times, but even then we don't quite miss the cold just yet. We also crossed off one more item of the "mainlander bucket list:" attending a Ren Faire. 

I also helped pals Mike and Liz with a newborn shoot as they welcomed their new boy Declan! I don't typically do newborn photography, but they turned out fantastic

Finally we welcomed back Kaelin, our hanai niece who visited us just this past winter. 

May: Memories Rich in Sunshine

With Everest turning 3, she's moving on to the preschool section at the CDC. It's been astonishing watching her rapid development - her speech, her personality, and her behavior are evolving almost everyday. What is most incredible is remembering habits from mere weeks ago no longer showing and new ones forming with every interaction we have with her. 

Feeling sort of guilty not taking as many photos in April, I took pictures in abundance and I have lots to share. It helps that the weather has finally become more predictable and we've taken to the outdoors for new adventures. 

A Whole Lot of Something

Whoa. This month went by and before I realized I hadn't taken as many photos it was nearly over with. With the exception of a baby shower and some iPhone snaps, I was surprised to see I hadn't taken anything with my camera all month. School and work has kept me busy as usual, but here's what I've got! 

2018: March-ing Along

I think I'm going to say this over and over again: this year is going by like a blur. With the nursing pre-requisite CNA course taking up most of my time, the days turn into nights that turn into days of studying, working at the commissary, and balancing life with my family. What a run it has been so far - what a run the next 9 months will be. 

Synthwave is Cool, And So is February

Have you checked out synthwave music? Ever heard of it?

I have been tripping out a lot (in the clean, wholesome way not the actual tripping out) to synthwave while studying and it's been a relaxing way to read. Just search it up on youtube and see for yourself.

Anyway - February has been a mix of snowy days and sunny ones. No surprises there. Either way, we've made it a point to try and get snow-day hike in. Crampons and all. Stay warm out there!

Chilling Out in January

My brief but heavy stint in vlogging came to an abrupt end with the lack of roadtripping/traveling that we'd been doing to round out 2017. Kicking off the new year was a return to the basics for me: shooting and shooting often. Luckily, Colorado is in no shortage of material and the adventures we'd have as a family made the most of that. 

To that end, it looks like the I have more vlogging to juggle with this summer with quite a few trips lined up. Mayyyybe I'll share them out here. 

Maybe not lol. 

Colorful December

A favorite idea of mine is the notion that a "home" can comprise of the people that make it feel familiar, rather than a specific place. We've moved a few times in Hawaii as our family expanded and shrunk, and most recently as my wife's career has opened up new doors for her. 

Through it all, our roofs changed but the one constant were the people that lived beneath them. Home for us, over the many years of relocating, had quickly become associated with the wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories created inside those four walls. Whether our days were sunlit, warm afternoons next to an ocean or crisp mornings walking on crunching snow out of a pine forest they were always spent with family. 

In December, we traveled to Hawaii to celebrate a birthday and the holidays, and then we welcomed some islander friends into our home back in Colorado. No matter where anyone went, they were always "at home."

The Skies Filled with the Echoes of Our Laughter

We spent quite a bit of time outdoors. After finding out that we were accepted into the housing on base, we took to the neighborhood to enjoy the outside as much as possible. It was a wonderful coincidence that this took place alongside the early holiday season, kicking off with Halloween. Our neighborhood was a particularly nice one, and since moving we've always driven by on our way to Denver whenever we visited the big city for the weekend. 

It's a good place.