An Afternoon in Kaka'ako (Downtown Honolulu)

The Final Days In Our Beautiful Home (UPDATE!)

So in a funny twist of events (understatement of the year), we found out a few weeks ago that our days in beautiful Hawaii-nei are numbered. Today, that number lies in the single digits. 

After 16 amazing, unforgettable years in the islands I'll be packing our home and heading eastward, and upward, into the heights of Colorado. What the future holds beyond the next few years, is left to the currents of change. And yet, we feel no sadness. No remorse. No fear.

The islands teach us the strength of familial bonds. Maybe its because of their isolation, that people grew closer together both literally and figuratively. Some stretch their limbs for space - moving abroad and looking outwards beyond our sands for a new start. Others settle in, growing comfortable in the shadows of our proud island mountains. 

There will be plenty of change, but we know family will always remain the same.


Now onto the photos//

We found ourselves a free day (a rarity given how much work we've got between the two of us) to go on an adventure, so we opted to visit the downtown area of Honolulu. A particular subdivison, Kaka'ako, was once a light industrial area that in recent years has made way for a medium-density residential area. Condominiums, pop-up floral shops, cafes, and home-grown breweries now line the streets of what was once a shadier afterthought on the outskirts of Honolulu. 

Color work: Fujifilm x70, Mastin Labs / Portra 800

B&W: Nikon F3, Delta 3200