It's time for a break...

A needed respite from the digital feed.

I'll keep this short: for the past 8 years it has been, for me, a constant process of creating something meaningful. I've learned a lot, made tons of mistakes, earned friends, and developed new memories. #punsortaintended

For any artist, no matter the medium, there comes a time where a hiatus from the torrent of incredible art is necessary. My feeds are inundated with beautiful imagery, masters of light, creations worthy of the accolades they receive. To borrow the words of Zack Arias, I'm hearing a lot of noise but getting very little signal. I see great things, but none of them inspire me. 

It's a good time now, to step away and focus more on creating than scrolling.

That's it really. So, I'll be back sometime in the future. I'm still taking bookings so feel free to email me and we'll chat. For now I'm investing my energies into personal projects. It really is time for me to put my head down and work.

See you soon,