Maui | 2016

Wind, water, and wonder.

For my daughter Hoku's first birthday Alvie and I decided to forgo the traditional route of throwing her a big bash, and instead flew over to Maui for the week of the big date. On the 26th, we hiked the forests of the Kipahulu side of Haleakala National Park. This park is hundreds of miles wide, so it's easy to end up in the other side of the island when your intended destination was the actual mountain peak. Since we weren't sure how well Hoku could tolerate such a high altitude, we opted for the safer option and decided to return for the mountaintop when she gets older.

Maui is a place of adventure. The Road to Hana, known for it's winding stretches and narrow cliffside passes, was a dizzying experience. As fun as it was, traveling it once was more than enough for the three of us. Waterfalls lined the highway - on the coastline, between the roadway and the mountains, and some even spilled onto the road itself. 

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