Colorado's Weatherly Love

Or how I learned to love unexpected snow

This last month left no impression of winter. In fact a handful of temperature records were set, leaving us to our devices as we explored Colorado with smiles and laughter for company. On a few instances we drove up into the mountains seeking out an icy adventure. Otherwise, the Springs has lived up to a warmer, milder impression.

My wife, Alvie, went into full-blown design mode for her clothing company. Of course, I obliged with some product photos to help her out.

Black and white is in for me again. It had been some time since shooting a BW film stock, and so now I have several exposed rolls sleeping in a drawer waiting to be sent out. In the meantime, using the D750 has provided a convenient if uninspiring substitute.

On to March now, with a growing load of work with portraitures ahead of me. More on those stories to some soon.