I Told My Wife It Was Snowing Outside...

She replied, "Don't July (you lie) to me, now!"

Anyone? No?


Aaanyway. The monthly series continues (bad jokes and otherwise).

We miss the snow, but not as much as we missed the sun. Thunderstorms continue to be the norm when the afternoon clouds roll in from the Rockies. On the upside, at least they're reliably predictable. Everest has taken to collecting rocks now, which was endearing until I started stepping on them (they blend in with the carpet). 

Alvie's dad is moving here. I'm hoping for a chance to get some portraits of everyone since this'll be his last stop before moving home to Saipan in about 6 months. Take photos of the people you love, folks. You imprint them in memory forever, if not for you then for those who will grow up to experience them.