Jasmine & David ↟ Denver / Parker, CO

Shot the engagement for these two earlier this year. Heckuva great time hanging with the (now)Ehrlichs!

Ever feel a direct connection to a stranger and just hit off a great friendship? This past winter, they braved the cold above Estes Park, deep in the Colorado Rockies, to shoot an adventurous engagement. And when they brought their positive attitudes and big smiles, I knew we'd get along easy. 

It was no surprise then when I met the families of Jasmine and David. Kyung, the mother of the bride, introduced herself to me and was as lively and energetic as her daughter was. I was happily surprised to see her don a hanbok (formal Korean dress), and even more surprised to see her and her husband bust some moves on the dancefloor. Family and friends came together in a unified chorus of laughter, joy, and pure happiness for the newlyweds. What a pleasure it was to be a part of their day. 


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(WARNING: Kickass photos and an awesome time may result)

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Full Gallery: The Ehrlich Wedding

Venue: Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Dress: David's Bridal
DJ: Wyld Kard Records