Literally: May Madness

Greeting the ocean like an old friend.

May was busy. A few trips. Everest's birthday. Alvie's business launch. A wedding. And everyone getting engaged. What you're seeing above is a highlight of the Virgin Islands - a trip we took that is the first and likely the only time we'll ever be there. What an experience that was. We met a family on St Croix and I was happy to have them walk away with a handful of vacation portraits. 

One thing I recall easily: rum everywhere. You could take it with you and just cruise the towns without consequence. Music (reggae & reggaeton) was pumping into the veins of the streets on all 3 islands. And the weather was warm, warm, and warm. Still managed to get sick on the last night we were there (a full-on fever in tropical heat, no less), but of course Alvie more than came through in taking care of me. 

The pace of literally everything was slow. The culture and the people reminded us so much of home and although it was no Hawaii, it was definitely familiar and that was more than enough. 

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