Amelia & Ransom ↟ Black Forest, CO

Winter Magic

Amelia and Ransom stepped down from their enormous Ford as I walked up to greet them a good morning. We had spoken through the phone and online but up until that point had never met each other face to face. A noticeable shiver ran through Amelia as the three of us felt the full embrace of the Colorado cold. Although the crisp air wasn't as biting, especially where the sun fell through the trees, I wanted to be conscientious about keeping the session short and concise. 

Being a fellow veteran, I anticipated Ransom to be a curt and straightforward person. He is a Marine, transitioning into civilian life and blessed with a rock of a gal by his side. They had gotten married a few years before, but had never gotten portraits of any kind done without him in his dress uniform. They look refreshed on life and ready to take on the world - qualities that are infectious and leave you hungry for more of their presence. 

We parted ways as good friends. I got to listen on their dreams and aspirations and I have no worries on their upcoming success in life. What a magical day for two very magical people.


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