Jasmine & David ↟ Estes Park, CO

Rockin' Out In the Rockies

When Jasmine, David, and I planned to meet in the mountains above Estes Park we certainly weren't expecting to lose not only reception, but any chance of meeting each other for the first half hour of our scheduled time together. I'm eternally grateful for the patience of these two, because when they decided to drive back down from the original meet-up area I was able to catch them on the phone. Again, this was a half-hour into our scheduled session time. 

As soon as Jasmine picked up the call I offered a rueful opening: "OOOH MY GOD I'm so sorry guys!" 

And of course, Jasmine was very friendly and happy to get in touch. "No problem! So we drove up to the trail head and noticed there's a bit of a blizzard."

Of course, this was an understatement:



"Yes. I did notice that," I replied apologetically, "Colorado decided to really throw the curve this time."

As it turned out Colorado received an early-Spring torrent of cold weather overnight; to include lots of snow, lots of wind, and lots of snow. This was winter's last breath lest we forgot about it. Although I didn't see Jasmine and David at the park, I did catch a number of group hikers in the parking lot with snowshoes on and layered down in gortex. 

I showed up to our planned session with a pair of cheap boots. 

Thankfully, the soon-to-be Ehrlichs were more than happy to carry on their session at the base of the mountain and it resulted in an incredibly wonderful time. They even packed a picnic, complete with a thermos full of cocoa. Such is the spirit necessary for any outdoor-inclined Coloradoan. A bit of a mishap turned into a new friendship for us, and well - I'll be seeing them again in the summer to shoot their wedding. 

Love, and a good attitude, surely does conquer the worst life throws at you.