Let's Go For a Walk!

In the woods. For a while. With shoes that you don't mind dirtied.

Okay, it's a hike guys. 

The last time we visited Castlewood Canyon's Creek Bottom Trail, Colorado decided to throw us one of its favorite curve balls and turn sunshine into a good old fashioned thunderstorm. Luckily, the sun prevailed and we enjoyed the waterfall and further up we were surprised to find a small swimming spot to dip our toes in. Alvie's dad took in the fresh air and decided to relax under some shade while we continued a bit further to find the spot, following the happy shouts of kids already there. Pretty sure we'll return with some swimming gear to really enjoy this experience next time. 

If you're interested in what some consider to be the "most accessible waterfall hike near Denver," check this site out for a bit more info on the area. We're turning up the heat on our hikes, as well as running, in preparation for the first race we'll do since moving here: the Pumpkin Pie 10K in November. 

Mmm, pie.