Colorful December

A favorite idea of mine is the notion that a "home" can comprise of the people that make it feel familiar, rather than a specific place. We've moved a few times in Hawaii as our family expanded and shrunk, and most recently as my wife's career has opened up new doors for her. 

Through it all, our roofs changed but the one constant were the people that lived beneath them. Home for us, over the many years of relocating, had quickly become associated with the wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories created inside those four walls. Whether our days were sunlit, warm afternoons next to an ocean or crisp mornings walking on crunching snow out of a pine forest they were always spent with family. 

In December, we traveled to Hawaii to celebrate a birthday and the holidays, and then we welcomed some islander friends into our home back in Colorado. No matter where anyone went, they were always "at home."