A Fleeting Summer

Summer. The time of year that brings the brightest of colors, the reddest of faces, and the warmest of weather. We rang in July 4th at Everest's school, took a road trip through Utah and into Idaho, met family, and made new, life-long friends. The month went by in a blur, but from it we gained memories of laughter, light, and love. 

What is it about this time of year that impresses on us some of our favorite stories? Is it simply because the warmer days allow us the greatest opportunity to gallivant to our heart's desire, or maybe the time off afforded by children who no longer have school to attend? Or is it the abundance of color and light that burns into our minds, like the prolonged exposure of a camera flash? Maybe it's a combination of all these qualities that makes the summertime our most favorite time of the year. Whatever the case, this has shaped up to be quite the experience - something we should always strive to create all year-round. And that just might be the lesson here: everyday is a new one, so make it the best you can no matter what awaits outside. 

This is a photo-heavy one. Enjoy.