Sayumi & Willy ↟ Barber's Point, HI

Family over everything. 

Not only was I given the privilege of becoming Willy's best man, he also asked me to take their bridal (& groom, of course) portraits two days removed from their wedding date. Without hesitation, we ventured into my backyard: the western shores of Oahu. A short stroll and we had a bit of beach and forest to ourselves.

Newlyweds are quite a sight, and presence, to behold - being on the cusp of a new chapter in their lives there is an air of "being-in-the-moment" that weighs on anyone near them. It wasn't difficult to take their portraits. The mere suggestion of simply walking together slowly and taking in the day was enough for these two to create some wonderful imagery. 

One of my favorite things about a good friend meeting their destined other-half is welcoming them into our fold. Will is like family - and by extension of that so is Sayumi. 

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