You believe that life's adventure is the journey itself;
the destination is just a neat little end to one chapter before the next one begins.

You value the company of loved ones:

whether it's on a hike up the mountains,

the in-between strolls while bar hopping,
or traversing Netflix's front page for the weekend's marathon.


You want photos that are more than just "pretty,"
they tell your story - not anyone else's.

Connections. Friends. Bonds. Family. 
These are the things that bring value to a photograph.

You're seeking a photographer that can guide you through the process from beginning to end.
You're looking for someone that puts himself in your shoes,
shooting every "job" as if it were his own personal work.

You're looking for a photographer that cares deeply about his work:

because his tools and expertise tell stories of his own,

because every photo should be shot as if it were to be printed and hung,
and because it is storytelling - with you taking the stage.

If you feel a stirring deep down, don't hesitate any longer.
Let's get in touch and start creating some kick-ass photos to tell your kick-ass story. 


Hey there! My name is Spenser - with an "S." 

Like many photographers, I grew and nurtured a passion into a full-time career. 

Unlike many photographers, I tell a visual story in a way that can't be replicated.

I love working with people and helping them grow comfortable in expressing themselves. When I say I don't pose - I really mean I don't pose.

Every work of mine you see here is the result of people just enjoying each other and the time they have together.

The more you're willing to share, the better I can reciprocate in painting a picture that really tells about who you are...and the best part is that it's a piece of cake no matter your personality. 

And that's coming from an introvert.